CSD-RISE FIWA Putty/Sealant

FIWA is a fire-resistant sealant based on a single component silicone compound.
FIWA is also water-repellent. High bonding strength. UV and Ozone resistant.

In the event of fire or temperatures in excess of 200 °C the sealant expands to about 10 times its original volume. During this process a porous mass is formed, which has excellent thermal insulation properties. In contrast to conventional materials that swell under severe heat exposure, the expansion of FIWA sealant is not caused by intumescent, but by chemical process (Intumescent means the occurrence of volume enlargement under the effect of heat, caused by the surface structure being inflated by fumes originating from the product).

The advantage of this is that the expansion of FIWA is not accompanied by formation of large amounts of fumes.
The porous mass that is formed has excellent thermal insulation properties. FIWA is absolutely halogen free and has a low smoke index, a high oxygen index and low flame spread characteristics.

Riswat water & gas tight technology

Do you need to duct pipes or cables in a way that is both gas and water tight? It can be done with RISWAT!

RISWAT is a unique system that is specifically designed for the water and gas tight sealing of penetrations, irrespective of whether the openings pass through walls and ceilings in buildings or through decks and bulkheads on board ships. RISWAT assures a dependable seal. The system is suitable both for cable and pipe transits. RISWAT is fast and simple to install, and offers a high level of gas and water tightness. It eliminates for good the necessity for pre-engineering or special conduit frames.

riswat 01The RISWAT system is used to provide water and gas tight seals for transit openings carrying multiple cables and for ducting pipes that have to be able to move in all directions.






riswat 02The system, which requires relatively little space to install, is suitable for the sealing of both new and existing transit openings.





The RISWAT system is used for the water and gas tight sealing of penetrations in:

Underground services
Car parks
Service Pits & Junctions
Shafts & Ducts

riswat 03


DYNATITE means dynamic tightness. Especially valuable in spaces prone to flooding, this product is being used in a tunnel leading from a South Korean shipyard to Busan. Able to withstand – and stay flexible – in -40??C Arctic environments, the product may yet have particular utility for seagoing vessels, especially as more polar passages are contemplated as the ice cap melts

For applications where a high degree of (instantaneous) tightness is required.
Dynamic sealing when a disaster occurs.
Plugs are compressible and will return to their original shape after shock pressure.
Easily withstands shock pressure loads of more than 150 psi (10 bar) easily.
Ideal solution for the columns of offshore rigs, collision bulkheads and areas with explosion risk.

dynatite 01

The new DYNATITE system has been specifically designed for application where penetrations may be subjected to sudden extreme pressure loads. The system is also suitable for use in a wide range of environments where penetrations may be suddenly exposed to extreme conditions. These include for example partitions between hazardous and non-hazardous areas, blast walls, explosion-proof areas, and regions with elevated hurricane and tsunami risks.

In spite of the fact that this new system by Beele Engineering is extremely simple to install (see DYNATITE installation manual), the DYNATITE plug is capable of withstanding pressure loads in excess of 10 bar. (10,000kgs)

Breakthrough - dynamic compression
Based on the high/tech rubber grade and the engineered profiling, the DYNATITE plugs can be substantially compressed and get tighter with excessive pressure.


RISE and CSD plugs are available in a special EMC design based on CONDUCTON technology, offering protection against electromagnetic impulses and interference.

The BEESEAL system from BEELE Engineering is designed for the fire resistant as well as gas and water tight ducting of multiple different-diameter cables or pipes
The system stands out by its flexibility and simplicity of use. Even the ducting of an extra cable is an extremely simple procedure.
Please click here to view or download full BEESEAL technical & installation manual.

For the EMC protection of pipe and cable penetrations entering shielded areas, the electrically conductive sealant or flexible rubber CONDUCTON Sealant is available.

Tests carried out in our laboratories have shown that the electrical resistance from pipe surface or cable braiding to mass is about 1-2 Ohm.

Attenuation tests at DELTA Electronics Testing/Denmark have proven the outstanding damping properties of the EMC sealing system: 35-85 dB.


beeseal 01

beeseal 02

Shielding microelectronic equipment from time-variable electromagnetic fields is of vital importance to prevent the induction of currents that can affect the performance of the equipment.

Therefore, structural measures are taken in areas where major electronic systems have to be installed. Pipes entering the shielded area are capable of conducting electromagnetic pulses and fields.

For the EMC protection of these cable penetrations BEELE Engineering has developed a special modification of the RISE system: RISE EMC. RISE-EMC combines EMC protection with fire resistance and gas and water tightness.

The RISE EMC rubber, is kneadable and electrically non-conductive, used with CONDUCTON Sealant guarantees the effective damping of electromagnetic radiation.

The damping values for cable transits are 35 - 85 dB.

beeseal 03

LEAXEAL is a sealing system for providing individual fire resistant as well as gas and water tight seals for cables and pipes.

The high-pressure clamp seal with stainless steel compression plates is specifically suitable for the sealing of openings where considerable tolerances in the penetration opening and the cable/pipe have to be bridged. LEAXEAL is suitable for use in both existing and new installations.

Slipsil proven technology

Designed to provide fire safe, gas and watertight seals.

  • For transits carrying single or multiple metal pipes with the same diameter (hydraulic and pneumatic lines).

  • Installs in a couple of minutes. Grease and push - that is it!

  • No bolting or other mechanical devices required.

  • Absorbs mechanical stresses, vibration and prevents galvanic corrosion problems.

  • Proven - simple, shortest conduit length

The system of choice worldwide for more than 2 decades!

Slipsil is the new generation sealing plug from CSD. They combine simple installation with effective sealing performance.

image slipsil 1They are designed to seal pipes and cables against the ingress of gas and water at pressures in excess of 2.5 BAR and fire for up to 4 hours.

They come in a range of sizes to suit services between 5mm and 520mm in diameter.

Slipsil Sealing Plugs are suitable for cables and metallic and plastic pipes. The plugs are watertight, gastight and fire-safe giving plenty of protection when necessary.

The annual investments of BEELE Engineering in fire resistant technologies are substantial. Due to these investments the company succeeded in bringing the fire resistance of rubber compounds on a highest level. To avoid any confusion on the market place the flange of the SLIPSIL sealing plugs is of a unique design.
Unique is the very special profiling on the outside and the inside of the plugs. The same counts for the serrated profiles at the outside and the inner ribs.

The leveled outside profiles of the plug secure a proper surface contact inside the conduit and finally the inner ribs have a “sliding” design, not only for ease of installation, but also to create sufficient grip.

Due to the unique design, SLIPSIL plugs can easily be recognized, even after installation. Also, the colour of the SLIPSIL sealing plugs is very distinctive.