Every moment of every day, the threat of fire is present.

For over 3 decades BEELE Engineering has specialized in preventing the spread of fire, smoke, gases & water via cable and pipe penetrations.
Through our superior CSD sealing technologies, we have become the undisputed Number One in this field.

BEELE Engineering has build up an enormous body of specialised expertise and knowledge. Our company is the world market leader in sealing systems for state of the art construction, industrial, civil & shipbuilding industries.

Development of new products and technologies are entrenched in every fibre of our organization. We are driven by passion for our specialization, and our customer involvement drives us to develop and exceed the current technical boundaries.

Globally recognised as the leading pioneers in this area of passive fire protection, we do not follow trends we set them.

The BEELE Engineering product range is tailored to a variety of markets and areas of application. Our philosophy is that a building, structure or installation should be regarded as a total project when it comes to sealing openings and realizing passive fire prevention. This cannot be accomplished if just a single product is supplied. In many cases, passive fire prevention also is a matter for ‘retrofit’.

For this purpose BEELE Engineering has developed technologies to cope with all kinds of situations. Reference is made to ACTIFOAM and FIRSTO cable and cable run penetrations and to the RISE cable and pipe penetrations.

These systems are all based on the ACTIFIRE technology, whereby ACTIFOAM has an added technology with regard to thermal insulation and expansion properties.

This high quality can be obtained by having the best engineers and our modern production facilities:

  • machines specially developed for compounding and processing of rubbers under controlled conditions to obtain optimum quality

  • machines specially developed for compounding and manufacturing of all types of sealants under controlled processing

  • moisture treatment installation and processing equipment for manufacturing of electrically conductive sealants and rubbers

  • a complete line of injection moulding presses ranging from 40 tons up to 400 tons for manufacturing sealing plugs and other rubber components

  • a complete line of compression moulding presses up to 300 tons for manufacturing larger type sealing plugs and rubber plates

  • processing installation for after-curing of rubber products to obtain the required compression set (long term behaviour)

  • extruder line including cooling system and cutting and slitting installation for manufacturing insert and filler sleeves

  • fully automatic extruder lines with a length of 20 meters, including cooling system and automatic cutting, slitting and sorting installation for manufacturing rubber insert and filler sleeves and rubber strips of the RISE system

  • extruder line for manufacturing luminescent profiles and hoses line of injection moulding machines ranging from 50 up to 200 tons for manufacturing plates of the ULEPSI tank supports and luminescent YFESTOS floor coverings

  • completely equipped die-making shop for the in-house production of all tooling for rubber and plastics manufacturing

  • modern laser equipment for engraving the type codes in the dyes for rubber manufacturing and for marking products with bar and 2D-matrix codes

  • mixing and airless spraying facilities for the NOFIRNO boards

  • Thus, together with highly advanced systems and technologies

BEELE Engineering offers the highest quality products.