RISE and CSD plugs are available in a special EMC design based on CONDUCTON technology, offering protection against electromagnetic impulses and interference.

The BEESEAL system from BEELE Engineering is designed for the fire resistant as well as gas and water tight ducting of multiple different-diameter cables or pipes
The system stands out by its flexibility and simplicity of use. Even the ducting of an extra cable is an extremely simple procedure.
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For the EMC protection of pipe and cable penetrations entering shielded areas, the electrically conductive sealant or flexible rubber CONDUCTON Sealant is available.

Tests carried out in our laboratories have shown that the electrical resistance from pipe surface or cable braiding to mass is about 1-2 Ohm.

Attenuation tests at DELTA Electronics Testing/Denmark have proven the outstanding damping properties of the EMC sealing system: 35-85 dB.


beeseal 01

beeseal 02

Shielding microelectronic equipment from time-variable electromagnetic fields is of vital importance to prevent the induction of currents that can affect the performance of the equipment.

Therefore, structural measures are taken in areas where major electronic systems have to be installed. Pipes entering the shielded area are capable of conducting electromagnetic pulses and fields.

For the EMC protection of these cable penetrations BEELE Engineering has developed a special modification of the RISE system: RISE EMC. RISE-EMC combines EMC protection with fire resistance and gas and water tightness.

The RISE EMC rubber, is kneadable and electrically non-conductive, used with CONDUCTON Sealant guarantees the effective damping of electromagnetic radiation.

The damping values for cable transits are 35 - 85 dB.

beeseal 03

LEAXEAL is a sealing system for providing individual fire resistant as well as gas and water tight seals for cables and pipes.

The high-pressure clamp seal with stainless steel compression plates is specifically suitable for the sealing of openings where considerable tolerances in the penetration opening and the cable/pipe have to be bridged. LEAXEAL is suitable for use in both existing and new installations.