DYNATITE means dynamic tightness. Especially valuable in spaces prone to flooding, this product is being used in a tunnel leading from a South Korean shipyard to Busan. Able to withstand – and stay flexible – in -40°C Arctic environments, the product may yet have particular utility for seagoing vessels, especially as more polar passages are contemplated as the ice cap melts

For applications where a high degree of (instantaneous) tightness is required.
Dynamic sealing when a disaster occurs.
Plugs are compressible and will return to their original shape after shock pressure.
Easily withstands shock pressure loads of more than 150 psi (10 bar) easily.
Ideal solution for the columns of offshore rigs, collision bulkheads and areas with explosion risk.

dynatite 01

The new DYNATITE system has been specifically designed for application where penetrations may be subjected to sudden extreme pressure loads. The system is also suitable for use in a wide range of environments where penetrations may be suddenly exposed to extreme conditions. These include for example partitions between hazardous and non-hazardous areas, blast walls, explosion-proof areas, and regions with elevated hurricane and tsunami risks.

In spite of the fact that this new system by Beele Engineering is extremely simple to install (see DYNATITE installation manual), the DYNATITE plug is capable of withstanding pressure loads in excess of 10 bar. (10,000kgs)

Breakthrough - dynamic compression
Based on the high/tech rubber grade and the engineered profiling, the DYNATITE plugs can be substantially compressed and get tighter with excessive pressure.