Firsto & CSD Extension sleeves Overview


The FIRSTO fire stop consists of a metal enclosure, a set of ACTIFOAM sheets for the fire safe filling and a set of gaskets. ACTIFOAM has a closed cell structure so that it cannot absorb any moisture. Therefore this foam rubber is not only fire resistant but also has excellent thermal insulation properties.

FIRSTO, frame technology is combined with ACTIFOAM to create an extremely high level of fire resistance, in a format that is simple to install and easy to regularly disassemble; ideal for applications where routing or re-routing of cables is common place.

firsto 01

As above Actifoam rubber is specifically suitable for the fire resistant ducting of cables and/or cable trays through wall and floor penetrations.

This function is not achieved by volume expanding (Intumescent) materials, whose surface structure swells during fire and thereby provides thermal insulation for the materials behind, but materials that when exposed to high temperatures or fire will produce new fire retardant material (in large volume).

FIRSTO & CSD sleeve extensions consist of a metal enclosures and a fire-safe filling with ACTIFOAM sheets, RISE sleeves or CSD Plugs.

The CSD Extension are designed for the purpose of upgrading fire penetrations by allowing new or additional fire sealing products such as RISE sleeves or CSD plugs. These can be mounted over existing penetrations to walls, floors and ceilings.

The CSD sleeve is designed to insert into hollow core structures that provide a housing to contain the CSD fire sealing products. Again these are filled with either the RISE sleeves, CSD plugs or ACTIFOAM products, providing up to 4 hours of fire protection.

Benefits of Firsto & Extension sleeves:

  • High level of fire resistance
  • Easy to install
  • Ducting of additional cables extremely simple
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Aesthetic finish
  • Non fibrous
  • Age tested in excess of 50 years
  • Lowest Smoke and Toxicity material
  • Fire resistant ducting of cables/cable trays (FIRSTO Firestop)

FIRSTO possesses all of ACTIFOAM's functions, i.e.

  • protective fire barrier
  • thermal fire barrier
  • retardant barrier
  • sealant barrier
  • extending penetration length
  • external protection
  • mechanical stability.

FIRSTO - multi-cable and cable-tray firestop penetrations

FIRSTO firestops are designed to seal multi-cable and cable tray penetrations of fire-rated walls and floors.

FIRSTO firestops have a modular composition. Ducting additional cables is extremely simple when using FIRSTO.

FIRSTO utilizes a metal frame that encompasses the entire cable run or the cable tray with cable at the point of penetration.