Nofirno Coated Boards is a sealing system for fire-safe ducting of cables in building and industrial applications.

It is a fire-resistant sealant based on a single component silicone compound that is paste-like and simple to use.

nofirno board 01For wall and floor openings that are oversized, the combination of Nofirno and Nofirno coated mineral wool boards has been developed to prevent unnecessary spending on expensive material.
In case of fire, Nofirno sealant can be applied indoors and outdoors to create a protective shield that is not only fire resistant but also acts as a thermal barrier.

NOFIRNO mineral wool boards are supplied measuring 1000 x 600 mm with a 1.2 - 1.5 mm thick layer of NOFIRNO coating on one or both sides. The NOFIRNO mineral wool boards are 60 mm thick (without coating) and have a density of 152 kg/m3. The boards can be easily cut to size at site.

NOFIRNO creates a protective shield to maintain the initial properties of fire retardant rubbers, sealant and coatings. The NOFIRNO system offers the following possibilities:

  • for normal sized openings the NOFIRNO Solo board system can be used whereby NOFIRNO sealant is applied in between and on top of the ducted cables.
  • In case of highly filled penetrations and for ease of fire safe separation of the ducted cables, RISE insert sleeves can be used instead of the sealant.

  • For oversized openings with a view to later extensions and fire safe sealing of the ducted cables with ACTIFOAM, a NOFIRNO compression plate and fitting NOFIRNO boards is the ultimate solution.