RISE/NOFIRNO is able to withstand temperatures of 1600-1700F and is appropriate for rated fire cells and penetrations; its pricing is equal to RISE rapid. RISE/NOFIRNO is now approved for cable, metallic and plastic pipe through a single penetration. No other product has this approval.

  • Approved for single & multi-pipe penetrations for harshest fire ratings of Jet Fire class.

  • Allows substantial movement of the ducted pipe within the conduit.

  • Compact versatile system needs no precise fitting parts

  • No metal parts – No corrosion

  • High pressure ratings - designed for gas and/or watertight penetrations.
  • Prevents corrosion inside the penetration.

  • No restrictions on cable types & sizes

  • Bundling of cables allowed for non-water tight- penetrations

  • Longest service life and best Total Cost of Ownership on the market. NOFIRNO rubber sleeves and sealant will remain stable and not be consumed by fire.


Approved for any combination of cable, metallic, GRP or plastic pipes!

rise nofirno 1 rise nofirno 2

The properties of the RISE/NOFIRNO sealing system are improved substantially:

  • The NOFIRNO rubber shows minimum permanent deformation and has optimized mechanical properties.

  • The NOFIRNO system has been designed to exclude stress relaxation of the components, guaranteeing performance for decades.

  • The NOFIRNO rubber can be exposed to high temperatures (up to 180°C), making the RISE/NOFIRNO sealing system suitable for steam lines.

  • The NOFIRNO rubber can be exposed to temperatures as low as -50oC, making it suitable for arctic applications.

  • NOFIRNO is based on a high grade inert silicone polymer thus avoiding aging substantially and offering an ultimate UV, ozone and weathering resistance.

  • The NOFIRNO sealant/rubber has improved fire stopping properties:

    1. creates immediately a protective layer at the fire side

    2. will not be consumed under fire exposure

    3. prevents smoke emission

  • Higher thermal insulation values under fire load with the RISE/NOFIRNO system

  • Shorter conduit depths with the RISE/NOFIRNO system

  • Approved for single & multi-pipe penetrations for harshest fire ratings of Jet Fire class.

  • Approved for A-0 class without the use of any insulation.

  • Officially tested according to EN 1366-3: 2004

  • All components are made in our own factory under stringent ISO quality system.