The safe, simple and cost-effective rapid transit system.

RISE is CSD Sealing System’s most widely used product. The RISE system offers a flexible seal capable of resisting movement, vibrations, thus protecting against gas and water ingress to high pressures in excess of 2.5 BAR (2500kg).

It protects against fire for a period of four hours, effectively sealing both pipe and cable penetrations and has been extensively tested for use across a wide range of industries.

The RISE system is used in the building and construction industry for the fire, gas, smoke and water-tight sealing of:

  • (Single or Multi) Cable penetrations
  • Transit openings carrying metal and/or plastic pipes
  • Mixture of pipes and cables
  • Transit openings that need to be protected against electromagnetic interference (RISE EMC)

This system offers the simplest way of installation while the very limited amount of components makes it easy to handle on site. RISE can be used for both vertical (ceiling) and horizontal (wall) conduit openings.

The sealing system allows cables to be ducted through conduit openings in a bent, curved or oblique way, without any adverse impact on the sealing performance.

An important feature is the possibility to add or remove cables in a later stage without disassembling the whole penetration. But there is more.

With RISE no pre-engineering is needed, no special conduit frames have to be used, there are no restrictions on cable types or sizes, insulation in front of the penetration is not needed and the system can be used for the shortest possible conduit length.

The design of the RISE system means installation is a fast and simple process, making the addition or removal of cables very straightforward, with no need to disassemble the whole transit.

The RISE Duct Seal is a multi-cable and pipe transit sealing system. It provides an effectively simplistic solution to all fire, gas and watertight duct sealing requirements.

Because the RISE system allows pipes to be run eccentrically or angled through a penetration, it makes it the most user-friendly and versatile system on the market.

rise rapid 01 rise rapid 02

RISE multi-cable transits consist of only two components:

  • rubber sleeves
  • FIWA sealant

Rubber sleeves have been developed for the RISE system. Exposed to fire or high temperatures, this rubber will expand to five times its original volume. During the expansion a carbonised mass is formed, which has good thermal insulation properties. The RISE rubber is absolutely halogen free and has a low smoke and a very high oxygen index.

FIWA is a fire-resistant and water repellent sealant based on a single component silicone compound. In the event of fire or at high temperatures the sealant expands to about 10 times its original volume.

The porous mass that is formed has excellent thermal insulation properties. FIWA is absolutely halogen free and has a low smoke index, a high oxygen index and low flame spread characteristics.