RISE Ultra is based on high-tech CRUSHER technology.



  • Most simple and effective system for all plastic pipe penetrations.
  • RISE/ULTRA C-fit crushers squeeze down and seal opening during a fire.
  • RISE/ULTRA wraps are used for oversized conduit sleeves.
  • Approved for a multiple mixture of all kinds of plastic pipes.
  • NOFIRNO sealant adheres well to plastics: high degree of water tightness feasible.

Breakthrough - adhesion under fire load

RISE/ULTRA compound forms an adhesive mass during fire exposure!

crusher 01Based on the crusher technology of RISE/ULTRA it is now possible to make fire stop penetrations for plastic pipes just by inserting a single RISE/ULTRA crusher into the conduit opening. The RISE/ULTRA crusher is placed around the ducted plastic pipe. For conduits that should also be air or water tight, a combination of RISE/ULTRA and NOFIRNO sealant is used.

The design of the crusher allows for a balanced moment of hot air penetrating around the crusher. The time to close off the opening left by the burned or softened plastic pipe must be very short. Otherwise a chimney effect will occur causing the pipe at the unexposed side to melt.

The unique RISE/ULTRA rubber reacts at two different temperature levels to speed up compression. The first reaction transfers the rubber under limited expansion to a very adhesive substance. Adhesive sealing all around causes the trapped air to expand rather fast. In this way compression of the plastic pipe starts already at an early stage of the fire.

crusher 02

The RISE/ULTRA crusher can be applied in standard conduit sleeves. A further advantage of the system is that the crusher can be installed from one side. The crusher can be used either with or without NOFIRNO sealant.

RISE/ULTRA is available in three versions:

  • split crushers (C-fit and non-profiled)
  • crusher wraps (sheets)
  • crusher combined with NOFIRNO
  • crusher combined with ACTIFOAM

The RISE/ULTRA system consists of only halogen free, non-intumescent, extremely low-ageing, non-moisture sensitive components.

Crusher Plug

The Crusher Plug is a fire resistant plug for the sealing of penetration openings for pipes made of plastic, for example PVC, PP, PE and ABS. When exposed to flames or high temperatures the Crusher Plug expands and totally compresses even thick-walled plastic pipes up to 225 mm in diameter, thereby completely closing off the penetration opening.