Riswat water & gas tight technology

Do you need to duct pipes or cables in a way that is both gas and water tight? It can be done with RISWAT!

RISWAT is a unique system that is specifically designed for the water and gas tight sealing of penetrations, irrespective of whether the openings pass through walls and ceilings in buildings or through decks and bulkheads on board ships. RISWAT assures a dependable seal. The system is suitable both for cable and pipe transits. RISWAT is fast and simple to install, and offers a high level of gas and water tightness. It eliminates for good the necessity for pre-engineering or special conduit frames.

riswat 01The RISWAT system is used to provide water and gas tight seals for transit openings carrying multiple cables and for ducting pipes that have to be able to move in all directions.






riswat 02The system, which requires relatively little space to install, is suitable for the sealing of both new and existing transit openings.





The RISWAT system is used for the water and gas tight sealing of penetrations in:

Underground services
Car parks
Service Pits & Junctions
Shafts & Ducts

riswat 03