Slipsil proven technology

Designed to provide fire safe, gas and watertight seals.

  • For transits carrying single or multiple metal pipes with the same diameter (hydraulic and pneumatic lines).

  • Installs in a couple of minutes. Grease and push - that is it!

  • No bolting or other mechanical devices required.

  • Absorbs mechanical stresses, vibration and prevents galvanic corrosion problems.

  • Proven - simple, shortest conduit length

The system of choice worldwide for more than 2 decades!

Slipsil is the new generation sealing plug from CSD. They combine simple installation with effective sealing performance.

image slipsil 1They are designed to seal pipes and cables against the ingress of gas and water at pressures in excess of 2.5 BAR and fire for up to 4 hours.

They come in a range of sizes to suit services between 5mm and 520mm in diameter.

Slipsil Sealing Plugs are suitable for cables and metallic and plastic pipes. The plugs are watertight, gastight and fire-safe giving plenty of protection when necessary.

The annual investments of BEELE Engineering in fire resistant technologies are substantial. Due to these investments the company succeeded in bringing the fire resistance of rubber compounds on a highest level. To avoid any confusion on the market place the flange of the SLIPSIL sealing plugs is of a unique design.
Unique is the very special profiling on the outside and the inside of the plugs. The same counts for the serrated profiles at the outside and the inner ribs.

The leveled outside profiles of the plug secure a proper surface contact inside the conduit and finally the inner ribs have a “sliding” design, not only for ease of installation, but also to create sufficient grip.

Due to the unique design, SLIPSIL plugs can easily be recognized, even after installation. Also, the colour of the SLIPSIL sealing plugs is very distinctive.