BEELE/CSD is the world leader in critical penetration sealing systems.

They are widely used throughout the world in both Construction and Marine sectors where safety is mandatory in the protection from:

  • Fire
  • Gas
  • Toxic Fumes
  • Chemicals
  • Water
  • Electromagnetic impulses & conduction
  • Explosive environments
  • High Pressure, Shock and Movement

BEELE/CSD has extensive certifications & classifications from multiple global authorities covering Europe, North America, UK, and Australasia & Asia.

These products are not only superior in their quality and performance, they are also very versatile to multiple applications and simple to install, giving complete assurance & integrity for each penetration.

Whether the penetration is plastic or metal pipe, electrical or data cable or a combination, or whether the penetration is through substrates of concrete, steel, plasterboard, timber, or fibre cement.
Whether they are located in walls, floors, ceilings or the roof, BEELE/CSD has a system to handle almost any situation.
A library of easy to understand, illustrated and detailed technical / installation manuals are available for all the systems.

There are 2 types of technology associated with the CSD Sealing Systems range of products.


The purpose of ACTIFIRE technology is to ensure that during a fire the sealant materials used will produce such an amount of fire retardant material that major deformations or displacements can easily be followed. As a result the penetration will remain fire-tight. Also, because of this"active material production" an elevated pressure will build up within the penetration, so that a virtually solid rubber mass is formed inside the penetration.

This ensures that the penetration's fire resistant capacity is effortlessly maintained. In addition, the"excess" of new material produced, together with all the softened plastic materials of the cable sheaths, is forced out of the penetration at the exposed side. The expansion caused in this way not only effectively extends the length of the penetration but it also compensates for the displacement and substantially increases the withstand time in a fire.

Products using Actifire type systems:

  • RISE Rapid
  • FIWA Sealant


BEELE Engineering has also developed the NOFIRNO technology. This acts differently to the ACTIFIRE technology where the objective is not to produce new material when exposed to fires, but to create a protective shield that maintains the initial properties of the fire retardant rubbers (reference is made to the SLIPSIL sealing plugs), sealant and coating.

The numerous fire tests carried out with NOFIRNO compounds have shown that the rubber, sealant and coating are able to withstand fire and thermal loads without showing any dramatic colour change or carbonization at the unexposed side. At the exposed side the compounds will NOT be consumed by the fire due to the protective shield and char formed. This means that the NOFIRNO products stay in place.

Products using NOFIRNO technology:

  • NOFIRNO Boards
  • SLIPSIL Plugs
  • DYNATITE Plugs
  • BEESEAL Plugs
  • NOFIRNO Sealant