CSD is the most functional, versatile and user friendly sealing system on the market.

What does CSD do?

CSD systems are designed for sealing many types of penetration products, multiple situations & variety of construction offering many options for the design team and flexibility to the installer onsite.

Based on our vast experience in this field, we offer a wide variety of sealing systems for numerous applications for both cable and pipe transits as well as combined cable/pipe transits. CSD products will also solve issues surrounding products being off centre and penetrating on angles.

As many building projects are quite dynamic & ever changing, the CSD range has multiple optimum systems to ensure the safety & integrity of the penetration seal.

Field expertise and know-how have been a necessity for the development of such a functional range of sealing systems. Continuous R&D has been and still is the cornerstone of ensuring our unrivalled quality and performance.

All products are manufactured in the most modern facilities under a high quality ISO 9001 system and under strict control of our management.
All products and systems have undergone testing under the harshest conditions.

CSD Sealing System is the manufacturer of:

  • ACTIFIRE®, CRUSHER® and NOFIRNO® technology; the most effective material compositions for ultimate fire safety.
  • SLIPSIL® and DYNATITE® technology; combining a high compressive strength with dynamical sealing properties for high pressures.
  • High-grade sealants for heavy duty applications - UV, ozone and weather resistant, all products have a very long service life.

A fire is not an experiment – it is reality!