Every day fire is a threat to our lives and property. It quickly spreads and consumes everything in its path. 

Ensuring the ultimate in passive fire protection in buildings is not a simple issue. 

CSD Systems provides the utmost in passive fire protection around the world.

CSD Sealing Systems offer  the optimum in fire safety during the lifetime of a building , having earned the status of the undisputed world leader, as the most trusted and reliable products in this particular field.






For 35 years our CSD products and systems have been used for fire safe, gas and watertight sealing of cable and pipe penetrations

  • Multi-story offices & apartments
  • Shopping malls & stadiums
  • Oil/Gas rigs and respective production facilities
  • Tunnels and civil utilities
  • Nuclear, hydro and thermal power stations
  • Manufacturing and processing industries
  • Passenger liners & naval war ships

BEELE Engineering is the inventor and innovator behind the CSD range of passive fire sealing systems.

BEELE Engineering recognises that designing a Complete System Performance is not only about quality certified products. They are also aware that the ease of product installation is just as important, ensuring a failsafe system.

CSD provide the utmost in passive fire protection around the world.